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Flat Cap Hats

This is a flat cap I've made in a few different colors over the years. The original pattern was created by DieselPunkRo and I highly recommend it. I've made a few small modification to this design for my versions, namely a wider inner brim and I adjusted the scale to be a bit longer in the front. Definitely check out DieselPunkRo's work in either case he is incredibly talented!

If you look through the images below you'll see I made a space-like star pattern to the black version of this hat. I wanted something spacey to put my Star Wars pins. You might see some of the holes and scratches from pins that I usually wear in all of these hats if you look close enough. I've had some of these for 2+ years now and they're all still solid and holding up very well.

Want one or something similar?

Click here to go to my contact page and let me know! I'll reach out to you soon and we can start your commission!


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