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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you guys do?

A: All sorts of stuff. we make comics, cartoons, costumes, and hang out at conventions!


Q: When do you guys Update?

A: The main comic updates every single Wednesday Without fail. So far our other content doesn't have a set production schedual and it just updates as it's created. but if we add new content and give it a set release schedual we promise to make deadline everysingle time.


Q: Why should I care?

A: Huh?


Q: I said why should I care?

A: Oh sorry. I must not have been listening. Jojo was probably talking to me about something actually important.


Q: Are you saying I'm not important?!

A: You're the one who asked the loaded question. Not me.


Q: Do you treat all your fans like this?

A: We never treat our fans like this.


Q: Then what the hell?

A: Well you're clearly not really a fan.


Q: So what if I'm not!?

A: Well it's fine. But if your not a fan then why are you asking all these stupid questions?


Q: You're a jerk!

A: Please phrase all insults in the form of a question.


Q: Fine! Why are you a jerk?

A: Your mother.

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