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I quit.
For over FIVE YEARS now ​I have uploaded a new page every Wednesday without fail. I have gone without sleep, I have sacrificed, but it is now clear to me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep a job required to live, and try to do more. Thank you capitalism.


I hate this.

All of last year I wanted to push this comic and go above and beyond. I had SO MANY ideas and goals. But in the end all I was able to do was meet the minimum of one page a week. And more often than not, the quality is garbage due to a lack of time to work on it.
So I quit.
Maybe some day I'll pick this project back up but for now, I quit.
I am going to focus on my more hands on projects like my Paintings, my leather working and my charity work. the stuff I've been desperately trying to cram into my weekends.
Hopefully I can start putting that stuff up on here like I wanted to ALL last year.

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