Welcome To Vikingoverlord.com!

We're a team of content creators. We make comics, cartoons, costumes and many other forms of artistic content. This is our online home were we post our work, as well as comunicate with our, family, friends, and fans.

Name: Vikingoverlord (Viking for short)

Age: Omni-present

Height: 6 foot-awesome

Likes: Hats, Props, and Giant Robots!

Hates: A few things

Bio: The one and only Vikingoverlord. Best friends with Jojo, he aspires to make creative content for the whole world to enjoy. He is a master of giant robot fighting, spiral energy, and has a vast knowledge of voice actors.


Name: Jojo

Age: older than you'd think!

Height: ...small?

Likes: Games, Giant Robots

Hates: I dunno... stuff?

Bio: An incredible artist who's also incredibly humble. So humble that I'm starting to piss him off by talking about how great he is. Oh damn he's trying to get the keyboard from me!  Seriously he's trying to fight me for the keyboard-asonuwnusapsdokm

© 2013-2020 By William Michael Anderson & Joseph Sablan


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